Sermon Illustrations

If you ask anyone in my family if they have ever seen an angel; they would tell you the story that occurred on winter Sunday. We were driving up a very steep hill in town in a van. This was before mini-vans and this big 9-passenger van was not good on slippery roads. The road was snow packed and there was drizzle, the kind that freezes on anything it touches. The van started to slip sideways back down the hill and there was not enough weight to get any traction. There was no one around and the more Terry tried to get the van up the hill, the more precarious the situation became. Suddenly, we started to go forward and the children began to yell, “there’s a jogger pushing us up the hill!” We were all astounded that one person could make such a difference especially when I looked back and it was this thin man in a black racer’s jogging suit pushing with one hand on the corner of the van. But, we were pulling to the top of the hill. We were all watching forward to see if we would get over the railroad tracks at the top and when we crossed them the children began to yell, “He’s gone, where is he?” We stopped and looked in all directions in this wide opened area and there was no one. It was eerie. One of the children said in a hushed voice, maybe it was an angel. I do not know.

Those kinds of stories or encounters tend to send chills down your spine. However, if you look throughout the Bible there are many stories about Angels and their work.