Sermon Illustrations

In ancient times, poor beggars often were found by rich people’s houses as well as by busy streets and anywhere else people would pass. They were especially found near the temple gates and this still true today. Beggar gypsies are all around the churches in Romania; the same in France and UK. Paris and London’s churches are literally homes for many beggars. Chased by police, they return always there.

I saw a large number of beggars. There were so many beggars there was no way one could respond to all of them. The solution was often not to “see” any of them. But the beggars made this difficult. They would press themselves on you. They would approach you, tugging at your sleeve and pleading loudly for help.

Did you have the picture? A beautiful gate but repulsive beggars all around it - what a contrasting picture! Go away beggar, I cannot shot pictures of this place because of you… I came to this church, and I entered trough this beautiful gate to enjoy myself, to admire the view, to listen nice music and good sermons… But you, miserable beggar, you destroys my peace!...