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[Rescuing Those in Peril, Citation: Leadership, Vol. 12, no. 2.]

Roger Storms, pastor of First Christian Church in Chandler, Arizona, tells this story:

"One Sunday, a car had broken down in the alley behind our facilities, and the driver had jacked up the car and crawled underneath to work on the problem.

Suddenly, we heard him scream for help.

The jack had slipped, and the car had come down on top of him.

"Someone shouted, ’Call 9-1-1!’ and a couple of people ran for the phone.

Several of our men gathered around the large car and strained to lift it off the trapped man.

Nurses from our congregation were rounded up and brought to the scene.

Somehow the men were able to ease the car’s weight off the man and he was pulled free.

Our nurses checked him over.

He was scratched up and shaken, but otherwise okay.

"When this man was in peril, people did all they could to help--risking themselves, inconveniencing themselves.

Whatever was necessary to save this man, they were ready to try.

How we need this same attitude when it comes to rescuing those in greatest peril--the danger of losing life eternally!"

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