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The latest statistics clearly show that Christians in America are not doing a good job of resisting the devil. In fact, it appears that we are embracing the devil, or discounting that the devil even exists. The truly sad fact as we will see is that Christians in America think and behave no differently from anyone else. Here are some examples taken from a 1997 OmniPoll survey:

Donated any money to a non-profit organization in the past month:

47% Christians 48% Non-Christians

Have been divorced:

27% Christians 23% Non-Christians

Volunteered time to help at a non-profit organization in past week:

29% Christians 27% Non-Christians

Bought a lottery ticket in the past week:

23% Christians 27% Non-Christians

Gave money to a homeless person or poor person in the past year:

24% Christians 34% Non-Christians

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