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Stanford Research Institute was studying the differences in vocational perceptions. They

devised a short but succinct test. The first to be tested was an engineer. The researchers asked him: “

What does two plus two make?” The engineer simply said, “In absolute terms: four.” After making their

notes and dismissing him, they called an architect. To the same question, he responded, “Well, there

are several possibilities: two and two make four, but so does three and one -- or two point five and one

point five -- they also make four. So, it is all a matter of choosing the right option.” The researchers

thanked him and made their notes. Finally, they called an attorney. When he heard the question, he

looked around slyly, asked if he could close the door for privacy, and then came over close, leaned

toward them and said, “Well, tell me, what would you like it to be?”

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