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John Curzon, a Polish mechanic, who

was presented with a gold medal for his inventions, performed a most extraordinary thing when he

succeeded in manufacturing a complete watch in the space of 8 hours from materials on which most watchmakers would have looked with contempt. It appears that the Czar of Russia, hearing of the

marvelous skill of Curzon, determined to put him to the test, and forwarded him a box containing a few copper nails, some wood chippings, a piece of broken glass, an old cracked china cup, some wire, and a

few pieces of pegboard, along with the request that he should transform them into a timepiece.

Undaunted, and perceiving a golden opportunity of winning favor in the court, Curzon set about his task

with enthusiasm. In the almost incredibly short space of eight hours had created a wonderfully constructed watch for the Czar. The Czar, being so surprised and delighted at the work that he sent for

the mamaker, conferred upon him several distinctions, and granted him a pension. The case of the watch was made of china, while the works were simply composed of the odds and ends accompanying

the old cup. Not only did it keep good time, but only required winding once in three or four days.

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