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ILL. Marguerite Higgins won a Pulitzer prize for reporting what she heard from an old army sergeant in Korea during the Korean conflict. 15,000 of our soldiers had been dug in for several weeks, facing more than 100,000 communist soldiers on the other side of the valley.

They had been shooting at each other for weeks. The temperature had gotten down at times to 43 degrees below 0. For weeks they had been living on K rations, unable to bathe, unable to shave. They just sat there day after day, cold & freezing, thinking that today might be their day to die.

Marguerite Higgins climbed to the top of the hill with her notebook & pencil to interview the soldiers. She went from one to another until she came to this tough old army sergeant. She posed this question to him, "If I were God & if I could give you anything you wanted, what would you ask...

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