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Oh boy, Satan wants to kick you off your road of blessings. Have you ever played the game Crash Bandacoot for Sony Playstation? In this game Crash runs along and picks up little goodies. He jumps on crates and, the majority of the time, there are little goodies in them. In order to get to these crates he has to jump over ditches and he has to beat up the enemy. When he finally gets to the crate...He gets the goodie. Now the enemy doesn’t want Crash to get these goodies because they give him stength and he enjoys them. Crash knows that there are many crates ahead of he keeps going.

Jumping ditches and beating the enemy...continually getting his goodies.

Have you got your goodies lately? Do you press on because you know there are crates of blessings ahead?

Or have you fallen in the ditch. Has the enemy beat you up? If so why didn’t you jump over it? Why didnt you take out your...

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