Sermon Illustrations

There is a story told that is totally fictitious, but the point is true. The story is that when Jesus went back up into Heaven, the angel Gabriel had a conversation with Jesus. This is just an illustration. He asked Jesus, “What happened while you down on earth? Did they make you king?” Jesus said, “No.” Gabriel asked, “Did they make you prince?” Jesus said, “No.” “Did they worship you? Jesus said, “Some did, but most didn’t?” Gabriel asked, “What happened?” Jesus said, “They crucified me.” After talking more, Gabriel said, “Surely, after you died and rose again, everyone believed in you. Surely, they understood that your death, burial and resurrection was so that they might be saved.” Jesus replied, “No. Almost no one believed.” Gabriel then asked, “What is your plan?” Jesus said, “Before I left, I set up the church, the kingdom of God. I gathered my disciples and told them to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature, baptizing and teaching them. I urged them to tell the gospel story to their neighbors, friends, relatives to anyone who would listen. I urged them to tell it to the rich and the poor, to men and women, to all who would hear.” “Gabriel then asked, “What if they fail? What if they don’t do what you asked them to do? What is your other plan?” Jesus replied, “I have no other plan.”