6-Week Series: Against All Odds

Sermon Illustrations

Many of us in this congregation have parents who are deceased. Have you reflected and given thanks for the positive impact they had on your life? One year we put flowers on the altar in memory of my wife’s parents. Barbara wrote a tribute to them and shared it with you.

For the funerals of each of my parents I wrote a tribute, which was read during the service. I thank God weekly for the influence of my parents in pointing me to Christ.

At the same time, have you faced up to the negative influence your parent(s) had on you? I had some issues with my mother. She had a servant spirit, but she administered that in a domineering and controlling manner. I had to face that honestly in order to be emotionally strong and free of it. I am healed of that, because I can remember it as historical fact without being disabled by it.

Most likely some of you here today need counseling about similar situations in order to forgive and to receive healing of the memories. That would prevent your living in bondage, and perhaps negatively influencing your relationships with your spouses and other relatives and friends. It would help to prevent your passing on those same errors to your children.

For some that process may involve deceased spouses. Some should seek to rectify bad memories; others should rejoice and give thanks to God for loving, cherishing, spiritual, responsible spouses that were your strength and mainstay.