Sermon Illustrations

I remember when I first began in the ministry. I was a young Marine Sergeant living in Yuma, Arizona. I had gotten involved with a retired Pastor.

He and I would lead a chapel service every Sunday at various retirement communities, assisted living facilities, and at rescue shelters. I was basically a volunteer chaplain to these places. At Emerald Springs retirement village there was a feisty 92 years young woman, barely five feet tall, named Elsie. She would tell me the same thing every time I was her.

She would say, “Preacher!” (She always called me preacher.) “Preacher, I grew up on a farm in Southern Arizona riding a horse and buggy and now we have put a man on the moon! I remember when we used an outhouse and now they have bathrooms on airplanes and you can fly anywhere on the planet in a day!”

The world is always changing and while we can’t control everything...

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