Sermon Illustrations

In a book I was reading recently, a King found he had an illegitimate grandson, called Fitzchilvary, abandoned on his doorstep. And after some thought he says to Fitz, I want to make a bargain with you. I will feed you and clothe you and give you a home, education and employment if you will always remain loyal to and serve me. Have we a bargain? And Fitz agrees to the bargain. And then the King takes a pin that bears his household and family emblem, a buck deer, on it and presents it to Fitz saying, “if ever you have a real problem and need to speak to me straight away, come to my door, where ever I am, and present this pin, and you will be given immediate entrance into my presence. And as a sign of his allegiance, Fitz chooses to wear the pin every day, pinned to the front inside of his shirt near his heart.