Sermon Illustrations

Movie – Saving Private Ryan. It is loosely based on the story of four brothers who served during WW II. Because it was believed three of them had died in battle, a Division was sent deep into enemy lines to bring the last one home alive. It is this scene where Tom Hanks, playing Captain John Miller, catches up with Private Ryan but just before the extraction Captain Miller gets shot. Let’s listen in on his dying words to Private Ryan and then fast forward to years since….

• Seems to be Paul’s words whispering in our Gentile ears in the whole book of Ephesians

o We are abundantly free because of Christ and we cannot even imagine the depth of God’s love for us! God’s plan for us and the way he pulled it off is beyond our comprehension! We can only stand back and say WOW! (Ch 1)

o We were spiritually dead but are alive because of Christ (Ch 2). Hear 2:1-6, The Message!...

o Separation between Jew and Gentile (Elaborate…). Social class was abolished through Christ and all are on equal ground (Ch 3) - 3:1 “This is why I am in jail for Christ, having taken up the cause of you outsiders, so called” – “Don’t waste it.”

o Sacrifice of Christ – “Don’t waste it”

o Gift of Salvation – “Don’t waste it”

o Paul re his own suffering and labor for the Gentiles – “Don’t waste it.