Sermon Illustrations

Bruce Wilkinson shares this thought in his book The Dream Giver:

i. What keeps people from embracing and pursuing their God-given Dreams? I’ve noticed five common but deadly misconceptions:

1. “I don’t have a Dream.”

2. “I have to invent my Dream.”

3. “I have a Dream, but it’s not that important.”

4. “I have a Dream, but it’s up to God to make it happen.”

5. “I had a Dream, but it’s too late” (Page 76, 77).

ii. Bruce gives the solutions to distorted thinking like this. He tells us that we need to correct our faulty beliefs:

1. “You do have a dream! – It’s part of what it means to be human, created in the image of God.”

2. “You don’t have to invent your Dream! – Like the color of your eyes or your one-of-a kind smile, your Big Dream was planted in you before you were born.”

3. “Your Dream is unique and important! – You have been handcrafted by God to accomplish a part of His Big Dream for the world.”

4. “Your Dream is yours to act on! – God is waiting for you to value His gift of your Dream enough to live it – no one else can do it like you.”

5. “It’s never too late to act on your Dream! – Just ask Moses” (Pages 77, 78).