Sermon Illustrations

There was a man walking with his son down a country road. On the left was a beautiful country ESTATE. A big black LIMOUSINE pulled onto the circular DRIVEWAY. Out of the automobile stepped a FINELY DRESSED and WELL-GROOMED gentleman, who NODDED to the man and the boy and then went into his MANSION. “When I grow up,” the boy enthusiastically said to his father, “I’m going to be a SUCCESS just like him!”

As they continued their walk, the SUN became DARKENED. They began walking up a HILL, and reaching the TOP they saw a man HANGING on a CROSS with his MOUTH drawn up, BLOOD caked on his FOREHEAD, dried SPITTLE on his BEARD, and with a large GASH in his side. The man looked like anything but NOBLE. He was the EPITOME of an ABUSED, UNLOVED, and FORSAKEN man.

The father, POINTING to the LIFELESS body hanging on the CROSS said to his boy, “Son, when you GROW UP, I want you to be a SUCCESS just like Him!”