6-Week Series: Against All Odds

Sermon Illustrations

Don’t worry if you feel lost, not matter what it is Jesus loves you, turn to him today ask him for your meeting on the lake shore, lets all close our eyes now, imaging the mist, the gravel under your feet the smell of water and wood smoke, a beautiful aroma of fresh bread and fish sizzling on the fire, There is one sat near the fire, he lifts his head looks straight at you, through you into your heart and smiles a look that melts even the biggest of walls of bronze, the hardest hearts and his hand beckons you to sit, talk, share and find the acceptance, beauty and love you have always craved deep, deep in your heart, you sit and hear a soft voice say “ I love you my precious child” as the arm comes over your shoulder and he wipes the tears away, you know you are home, you know you are whole and healed and all you should be, you know you have a hope for eternity and faith that can move mountains and walk on water, but above all of this, ringing loud and true like the sun evaporating the morning mist, you know you are Loved by one that will never leave you, never reject you and will always be with you, always, his name is Jesus our Lord and saviour