Sermon Illustrations

TOMORROW I’LL BE BIG (anonymous).

If only he’d say -- just once, "All right, Timmy, let’s do it together, right now." But it’s always, "Wait a little. Can’t you see I’m busy? Just a minute, Timmy. Tomorrow."

Tomorrow I’ll be big. I’m only little now. Now is when I need you, Daddy. Not tomorrow. Or even in a minute. Now.

May I have some of your time, please? Please, sir? Perhaps I should schedule an appointment. You always keep appointments. Or maybe I could go away a while until I’d be a real stranger. Then when I’d come back you wouldn’t keep me waiting.

Wonder if that would work? But why go to all the trouble? I’ll try the other way -- just once more.

Daddy, will you -- will you play with me? Now.

Tomorrow I’ll be big.