Sermon Illustrations

All of us have cars. In each one of our cars is a battery. The battery is indwelt in the car. You have an indwelling of the battery. It is there, it is charged, and it is all the power you need to get to where you are to where you want to go. You do not have a battery problem or a power problem if you have a working car. But the fact of a battery does not equal getting where you want to go. For in order for the battery to work, the ignition must be engaged, and you must do that. That is not something you can wish or hope. You can’t sit in your car after service and say, “I wish to be home”, and expect the battery to engage. It is not a power problem. It is not a presence problem. You have all the power you need under the hood. You have the presence of the battery, and you have the means to get home. But if you don’t turn the key, you don’t get home, and you can’t blame the battery for not doing its job. You are the problem.

So it is with the Holy Spirit. The battery has been placed inside you to take you to the will of God—we call that the indwelling of the Holy...

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