Sermon Illustrations

We live in a culture that breeds dissatisfaction. Henri Nouwen wrote a wonderful book entitled The

Return of the Prodigal Son. It is a top 10. He made this statement.

Many consumeristic economies stay afloat my manipulating the low self esteem of their consumers. By creating spiritual expectations through material means, as long as I am kept small, I can be easily seduced into buying things, meeting people, and going places that promise a radical change in

self-concept, even though they are totally incapable of bring this on.

Could you find a more true and indicting statement about the nature of our society and Madison Avenue. You are made to feel discontent with who you are and what you have, but you’re offered a way to feel better: “Drink this beer and have these friends.” “Where these clothes and be the life of the party.” That’s why spending makes us feel better—for a little while. But ultimately, it makes us feel worse. Because we wake up after the purchase, the fog clears, and the feelings we didn’t want to face return.