Sermon Illustrations

Somebody came running up to John Wesley and said, "Your house just burned down!" The great preacher replied, "I don’t have a house. I manage a house for the Lord, His house just burned down. Since I’m His son, and He wants me covered, I guess He’ll find me another place to live."

That is how we are to live. As stewards, not owners. As renters, not home-owners.

Have any of you ever rented a house? When a pie breaks, whose problem is it? The Landlords. You don’t have to spend a dime of your money to fix it, because you are only renting this property—it is owned by someone else. What about if you own a house and a pipe breaks? Whose problem is it? Yours! Because the deed is in your name—you own it.

What God is wanting you to do with your life, your house, your car, your children, is to sign over the deed to Him. If you let Him call the shots with your possessions, then when they break, it is His problem.