Sermon Illustrations

Have you heard the story of the young teenager and his girlfriend who decide to go for a swim in a neighbours pool as they are away for the weekend, as they approach the fence they see a sign that warns them to keep out of the pool, but they climb straight over and ignore the sign. The pool now is ten feet away there is another sign keep out of pool. They start to undress right by the sign. The boy in is bravado wants to show what the girl what hes made off. So he runs ahead and cries watch this? He runs onto the springboard to dive into the pool as he leaps into the air, the girl screams No....! The boy dives head first into the pool. The pool has been drained, the boy ends the rest of his life paralyzed in a wheel chair. The moral of this true story is that Gods law is their for our benifit and not to spoil our time here on earth but to make it better in relationship with God and one another. If we continue to ignore God’s moral law as society is doing today we will have to pay the consequences