Sermon Illustrations

On the central east coast of Florida 1000’s loggerhead female turtles come onto the beach at night to nest their eggs, they dig a chamber and can lay anything from 80 - 120 eggs once that is done they cover the chamber with sand. Incubation takes about 60 days, unlike baby alligators who are liberated from their nest by their mothers,baby turtles must do it all by themselves. To break open their shells, hatchlings use a temporary, sharp egg-tooth, called a "caruncle." Digging out of the nest is a tough group effort also, that can take several days. They usually make a run for the ocean at night when its cool,they burst out together, if they don’t make it quickly they could die from dehydration or predators like birds and crabs at night. Once in the ocean many further dangers and struggles await them.

But to rob the turtle of all these struggles from birth to adulthood would to rob the turtle of his destiny.

All the struggles we face in life are to be faced with faith, knowing that through it all it makes us into the poeple God intended us to be its our God given destiny. by Aubrey Vaughan from sermon facing your giants