6-Week Series: Against All Odds

Sermon Illustrations

I’ve heard the statement, “There are no atheists in a foxhole.” It’s true that a man who ignored God all his life will probably call out to Him when he’s facing enemy fire. But how much better to be like the World War II General I read about. Lt. General Sir William Dobbie was Governor General of Malta during the Second World War – at a time when the defense of Malta was at its darkest hour.

The Italian forces had overwhelming superiority, both in numbers and firepower. In fact, Historians still cannot understand why Malta was able to hold out against the Italians. The answer to that might lie in General Dobbie’s first “Special Order of the Day.” Here is what he wrote when he took command in Malta: "The decision of His Majesty’s Government to fight until our enemies are defeated will have been heard with the greatest satisfaction by all ranks of the garrison of Malta. It may be that hard times lie ahead of us, but however hard they may be, I know that the courage and determination of all ranks will not falter and that with God’s help we will maintain the security of this fortress. I therefore call upon all officers and other ranks humbly to seek God’s help and then, in reliance upon Him, to do their duty unflinchingly. (A Very Present Help – Sir William Dobbie p. 11-12).

These are the words of a man who had learned to Seek God early on. He did not wait until the day of Battle. His FIRST official act was to seek God’s help.