Sermon Illustrations

On Judgment Day

Dedicated to my Brother in Christ Larry Livingston

There is a day

That is not too far away

When the clouds shall part

And in every man’s heart fear shall start.

Because on that day all shall see

Jesus the Lord coming on the billowy sea

Our hearts will tremble and be filled with despair

Because everyone will know that this judgment will be fair.

The Judge has come and many will try to flee

The Wrath of Ages in His eyes all shall see

All will come on bended knee

And tremble at what they will see.

Lord Jesus on the Judgment throne

And oh how the worldly will groan.

As He says I never knew you

For you had no part of me

All that worshipped self I never knew you

Depart from me and go to that fiery sea.

Those who served their wants

Never giving a thought to what I want

Even though now you declare me on bended knee

You too must depart from me and go to that fiery sea.

Those who were deceived

You also must go to that fiery sea.

All through life my Spirit called

But you refused so now you too must accept the fall.

A whole world must groan

As my Lord sat upon His throne

People cried Lord, Lord I did this and that in your name

And Jesus said doing what you wanted was not the same

Your works have been tried in the fire

And you were not worthy of your hire

For those who truly serve me

They also lived their life for me.

Now you too must spend eternity in that fiery sea

Forever separated from me.

How many chances did you have to answer the Spirit’s call

How many times were you told of Jesus’ paying it all

How many times did you refuse the call

Now you also must face the fall

Now you must go and seethe

For in hell there will be wailing and nashing of teeth

Why oh why did I refuse the Spirit’s call

Oh why did I choose the fall

The fault is mine and mine alone

Because I refused to atone.

Bro. David Rogers