Sermon Illustrations

Way back in the 80’s, Apple Corporation, or Apple Computers really took off and grew as a company.

- Yes even before the iPod.

Steve Jobs was the founder and President of Apple, and he realized that he didn’t know how to run such a big company.

- So he recruited one of the most famous CEO’s at that time, a man named John Sculley who was running Pepsico at that time

- That’s the company that makes Pepsi, Mountain Dew Etc. They also happen to own Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and KFC.

No matter how much money Apple Corp. offered Sculley he didn’t want to leave Pepsico. Steve Jobs even flew to New York from his California based company to make one last desperate attempt to get Sculley to change his mind.

- He offered him tons of cash and total control of the company, but again Sculley said no.

Finally Steve Jobs said to John Sculley, “Listen, Sculley, do you want to spend the rest of your life helping Pepsi sell sugar water to the masses or do you want to help us change the world?

A few days later John Sculley became the CEO of Apple Corp. what we know as Apple Computers.