Sermon Illustrations


The Battle of Thermopylae took place in 480 B.C,

- With only 300 Spartan Warriors defending their post against a 1 Million man Persian army.

- The Spartans put up the most brave and determinied resistance, taking their stand on a little hill, and fighting in a circle facing outward with enemies all around.

- For two days they fought tirelessly defending Thermopylae against all odds.

- The Persians seemed utterly unable to annihilate the Spartans.

- In fact when King Leonidas was killed, He was some distance away. So some of the Spartans formed a tight group, fought their way back to his body, picked it up, then fought their way back to the main group on the hill.

- They made such a dent on the Perisan army, that even though the Spartans lost the battle, the Persians would ultimately be defeated shortly thereafter.

They were taught never to retreat, never to surrender.

The 300 Spartan warriors have been remembered throughout history as the finest soldiers the world has ever known.

You see the Spartan warriors had a cause. They had a principle or a deep commitment and they were prepared to defend it.

King Leonidas only took 300 warriors who had a wife and a child, because he knew that they would not stop fighting. He knew that they would not give up.

- They were real warriors. They were fighting with a cause in their hearts, a determination to impact the outcome of the war.