Sermon Illustrations

Back in the early 1980’s, a young man was found GUILTY of ROBBING a CONVENIENCE store. He told the COURT that he had LOST his JOB months before and had been unable to MAKE enough MONEY working at ODD JOBS to SUPPORT his FAMILY and PAY his BILLS. “I know it was WRONG to ROB the STORE,” he pleaded. “But my FAMILY was STARVING.” He was SENTENCED to 15 years in PRISON.

Three years later it was DISCOVERED that the man who was TRIED and sent to PRISON was not the one who ROBBED the store, after all. Instead, it was his IDENTICAL TWIN who VOLUNTARILY took his brother’s PLACE in COURT. When REPORTERS asked why he went to PRISON for a CRIME that his BROTHER committed he replied, “I don’t have a WIFE and KIDS. My brother does, and they NEEDED him.” He then added, “I will be GLAD to SERVE the REST of his TIME, if they LET ME.”