Sermon Illustrations

As a young father, one of the great delights I had was putting the presents for my children under the Christmas tree each year. The bigger ones that required assembly would always make the night a little longer than it should have been, because I always prided myself in my ability to figure out how things work, and how to fix them. But it always seemed that the estimation of my ability always exceeded reality. After many frustrated attempts to assemble the toy led to a completed product that looked nothing like the picture on the box, with many parts left over, I finally had to relent and FOLLOW the directions that came with the package. Strange how easy it was after that.

God’s Word has a way of shining light on so much of life. It ought always to be the guiding force in our lives, but unfortunately it is not. Many times it is only when need drives us to our knees that we realize that careful obedience to the principles in God’s would have saved us much grief. It ought to be the regular, consistent diet that feeds us and gives us our strength. It ought to be our regular focus, the established norm that nothing is attempted, nothing is spoken or decided until it is filtered through the Word of God. It is by meditating on God’s word that our minds come to understand it’s precepts, and hearts are changed to the point where we diligently obey those precepts.