Sermon Illustrations

In 2005 I went on my first missions trip. This trip was to New York City. We traveled down in two fifteen passenger vans and had a small moving van with all of our luggage in it. We followed in a line for the whole trip, talking back and forth on walkie talkies while on the busy interstates to make sure that we never lost site of the other vehicles in our convoy. The moving truck was in the middle of the two vans and with perfect synchronization we were able to move from lane to lane in a tight group, never allowing other vehicles to get between us, we moved as one.

Then we were entering into New York City. We were coming into a toll bridge, and just like the rest of the trip we were all together in one lane. Then the lead van realized that we were in the wrong lane and cut across three lanes on the bridge. So we followed. At this point there are two fifteen passenger vans and a moving truck taking up four lanes. This causes quite a large traffic jam on the bridge. Cars are backed up in all four lanes and people are honking and screaming at us. We became a block to these people. Where they wanted to go we were blocking there entrance to get there. We were stopping them from completing their trip. Until we moved and cleared up those four lanes many peoples lives were put on hold.