Sermon Illustrations

One time I went to a my favorite Mexican restaurant. I just couldn’t wait to get there. My stomach was growling and my mouth was salivating. I sat down in my favorite booth and ordered my favorite Mexican dish. Minutes later they brought it out. Cheese enchiladas with sides of beans and rice. I couldn’t contain it. The aroma was just emanating from the gooey cheese. I couldn’t wait any longer. I picked up my fork and knife, cut a huge piece and stuck it in my mouth. I spit that bite out of my mouth so fast! The enchiladas on the inside were ice cold. How could that be that the cheese was nice and hot on the outside but on the inside it was ice cold?

I think we can be that way sometimes. Hot on the outside and cold on the inside. We may come and worship God looking all spiritual but on the inside we are distant and cold. Hot plus cold...

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