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A respected doctor, who practiced in the Maritime Provinces during the latter half of the twentieth century, tells of the miraculous healing of one of his female patients, who was dying with what physicians referred to as “open TB.” She had become his patient in 1947, at which time she had dropped from a slight 125 pounds to an emaciated 87 pounds. Her temperature continually hovered between 101 and 103 degrees.

The physician and his colleagues tried every medical technique at their disposal at that point in time to heal this poor woman’s malady. All reasonable alternatives having been exhausted, the doctor reluctantly told the lady that nothing else could be done for her. She asked the doctor at that point, that if she was still alive by Christmas Eve, to let her go home to be with her husband and young child. He agreed only because he thought she could not possibly be alive by that time.

Amazingly, the woman was still alive on Christmas Eve, but just barely. The doctor kept his promise, and sent her home for a brief visit with her family. The patient left the hospital with a big grin spread across her narrow face.

When the lady returned to the hospital she weighed 80 pounds or less. The days that followed offered little hope of any improvement. She grew worse and worse, developing a new complication. She became nauseated, and began to vomit even without food in her stomach. The doctors were stumped. All the symptoms looked like she was pregnant. Though the woman’s doctor felt silly for considering the thought, he ran a pregnancy test on her anyway. To his amazement, it came back positive.

Incredibly, by March of 1948, this patient, considered to be terminal, began to show miraculous improvement. Her temperature dropped and she began to eat again, and even gained weight. Subsequent x-rays showed...

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