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I’m not much of a cook, and even when I do, it’s just by means of the 4 basic food groups—frozen, canned, instant, and micro waved. So when my wife, who is a good cook, asked me to go to the store for ‘cream of tartar’, I proudly marched off stating I needed no help from her in locating it. Off I went, absolutely sure I knew what I was doing and would find it in the condiment section. Nope. Ok, well, there’ll be some near the fish, right? Everybody likes tartar with that, I thought

Well, I couldn’t call her, not after she offered to help and I boasted of my ability to find it. So I asked a stranger. She said it’s with the spices. Well, finding the spices was hard enough, and as I gazed at the hundreds of little jars they all ran together, and I had no idea what I was looking for or even why this tartar stuff would be in that area. “Maybe I’ll just get some mayo and relish and she can cream her own tartar” I thought.

So, I had asked, no help. Then I decided to seek. I figured that lady didn’t know what she was talking about, so back to the condiments I went. I looked at every bottle, slowly, one by one. I was seriously seeking. But it wasn’t until I finally humbled myself that I got my answer. No, I didn’t call my wife and admit my ignorance…I went back to the big metal door and knocked and got professional help And not only did I find cream of tartar that day…I also found out what it really is

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