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A great philosopher (Kierkegaard) told a parable about geese that is a good illustration of these jaw-bones. Every seventh day these geese would parade to a corner of the yard where their most eloquent orator sat upon the fence and spoke about the wonders of being a goose. He told them the great things their forefathers had done.

He described the flight of their illustrious predecessors. He spoke of the mercy of the Creator who had given geese wings and the instinct to fly. The geese were deeply impressed by the eloquent oration. They nodded their heads solemnly, said amen, and even applauded. There was one thing, however, that they never did. They didn’t fly. Instead, they returned to their dinners and the security of their barn-yards.

How like Christians in our churches today. We testify to our dedication. We just don’t demonstrate it in our lives. We talk the talk, but we don’t walk the walk.

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