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At the close of Vietnam era, Bill & Gloria Gaither tough period of song writing. Post affects of the war. Some people claiming that God was dead. Bill & Gloria’s own hopes seemed dashed, about that time they learned Gloria was pregnant with son (Benjy). They had two daughters, Bill remarked “Brother this is a really poor time to bring a child into the world.” And then Benjy was born and Bill held him for the first time, and he would write:

How sweet to hold, our new born baby,

And feel the pride, and joy he gives. But

greater still, the calm assurance, this child

can face uncertain days, because Christ

lives….Because He lives I can face

tomorrow, because He lives, all fear is

gone; Because I know, He holds the

future, and life is worth the living, just

because He lives.” (#364 UMH)

O yes.. cry out to God in despair, but then joy

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