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Your affirmation can help to effect that sense of importance in another. Sometimes the touch of love is more verbal than physical. Sherman Rogers has written a book about logging in the Pacific Northwest.

As a young man he worked in a logging camp, and on one occasion the boss needed to be away for a while and put Sherman in charge.

"What exactly does that mean?" Sherman wanted to know. "Can I fire people?" "Yes," said the foreman, "And I know what you’re getting at. You’re going to fire Tony the first chance you get. I know he doesn’t get along with anybody. He’s nasty and he grumbles. But let me tell you something about Tony. He’s been with me eight years. He’s the first person to arrive on the job and the last to leave. Nobody has ever had an accident around Tony. His hill is always the safest one to work on."

On the first day of his new responsibilities, Sherman arrived at Tony’s hill and announced he had been put in charge.

"I suppose that means you’re going to fire me," said Tony. "Actually, I was," said Sherman, "but the boss told me you’re the best workman we have. He said you’re the first to come and the last to leave, and there’s never been an accident around you." Sherman was startled to see tears begin...

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