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In an interview with Randy Pope of Atlanta’s Perimeter Church, he recalled a "man who called me and said, ’I’m shopping for churches. I live in another state and I want to live near my church when I go to Atlanta.’ He said, ’Tell me a little bit about your church. I understand your church is very committed to reaching lost people.’ I said: I’m thrilled to hear that is our reputation. We are. We’re very committed to that.

"He said, ’I’m very glad to hear that but’ -- I knew that word was coming -- ’but will any of my needs or my family’s needs perhaps be neglected in the effort to reach lost people?’ Which was saying: I’m more concerned about me than I am about the lost. That is the nature of sinful man and, outside a spiritual reorientation, they’re not going to have that concern for the lost.

Randy Pope - "So one thing I do is stress that this is the passion of the church, and if you’re not willing to get on board with that passion, then this is not a good place for you. As much as you like what we’re offering, it really isn’t a good place for you because you won’t like it at all. It will make you feel uncomfortable, Lord willing, that you would be sitting here for yourself instead of for others."

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