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Of course we know practically speaking that every child will not have a father, a physical father present. Some fathers die or are incapacitated. But every child needs a father. The world and especially the African American community are suffering from father absence. There is a father hunger that is gripping the world. 70 percent of African American children are born to unmarried mothers. Many times the fathers of these babies have no relationship with them. 80 percent of black children can expect to spend at least a significant part of their lives away from a father. But fathers do matter. If you get nothing else from this sermon than this, remember that fathers do matter.

There is a view widespread around the world that fathers are not essential. My hat goes off to all the single mothers who have successfully raised children without the help of a father. But fathers do matter. Father absence can be dangerous to your child’s health, emotional and otherwise. 63% of suicides are done by people from fatherless homes. 83% of prison inmates come from fatherless homes. 90% of runaways come from fatherless homes. 71% of school dropouts come from fatherless homes. 60% of teen ages mothers come from fatherless homes. Fathers do matter. Compared with children with both parents, children with absent fathers are 5 times as likely to be poor. Have I made my point? Fathers do matter. We hear about children of the world who go to bed hungry each night. But it can be almost equally as difficult for children who suffer from father hunger.

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