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Winston Churchill: "And where were you?"

In the early days of World War II, Winston Churchill called Britain’s coal miners together. A great crisis had arisen. The miners were not getting out enough coal to fuel the factories that produced the planes, ships, etc., so desperately needed. When the Prime Minister arose he said, "I want to give it to you straight--nothing Two hundred guns, no more Twenty tanks, that’s all I heard he (Hitler) was coming with a million men, and I said to myself, ’The British Navy will put five hundred thousand of them to the bottom of the channel, but what will we do with half a million of them ashore?’" For an hour and forty minutes, he outlined the desperate situation confronting Britain. Then in stirring language he said, "When at last it is all over, we’ll parade these streets again and as you go by people will call out, ’And where were you?’ Someone will answer, ’I marched with the Eighth Army,’ and someone else will say,’ I was in the skies over Britain.’ Another will reply, ’I was in the Merchant Marines pushing the ships through the sea up to Archangel.’ Then I shall be standing there and I will call out, ’Where were you?’ I will hear you answer, ’We were down in the black pits right up against the face of the coal." Then, thousands of coal miners arose and with tears streaming down their faces, cheered the Prime Minister, and the coal came out They had caught a fresh vision of the importance of their work.

I thought when at last it is all over for us, we will parade the streets of Heaven. And it may be that someone will call out, "And where were you?" Many impressive answers may be given, but none more satisfying than to say, "I was in my town reaching out to people with the Gospel of Christ."

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