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When he was arrested in February 2002 for dumping off as many as 200 bodies in nearby woods, 28 year old Ray Brent Marsh, the operator of Tri-State Crematory told authorities that the incinerator had not worked for some time.

A spokesman for the company that made the incinerator said the Marshes had turned down all offers to service the unit since 1984. A two year recommended service call costs $795. The average cost to the family for a basic cremation is about $1,200. Operator costs are about $25 to cremate a body. What was the payoff for neglecting this small expense? Why did this happen for so many years?

No one really knows, but maybe what resulted in unbelievable negligence began during one busy month. “I need to get that fixed ASAP. Let’s be sure to take care of that tomorrow. Maybe next year we can afford it.”

The Marsh Family was known as a good family.

Maybe you are known as a good person- a good family. And yet there is that one “thing”--that one vice-- you need to fix. ”I’ll work on it tomorrow.” And tomorrow turns in to next year. And soon, you are...

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