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Hitting a Ball in golf

I have a terrible hook or slice. I cant remember which. it’s the one that cuts to the right.

If I get all my weight behind a ball I can drive it for about 300-350 yards

But it doesn’t help when I cut it to the right

I’ve tried everything

Slowing down, taking my time

Trying new grips, new clubs

I even turned my body at an odd angle hoping that the ball would go straight

But nothing seems to work

Then one day, at an in door driving course, my father watched what I was doing

He told me that as I swing down on the ball, I lift my head

This in turn moves my eyes

And my focus is moved from the ball to where I hope it will go.

My dad told me that I need to FIX my eyes on the ball until the ball is struck and follow it out into the green

As I watch other golfers hit the ball I can’t help to watch them in motion.

Their head is locked, their eyes fixed, the ball is struck and their goal is accomplished

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