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Dr. Rod Cooper, a Professor at Denver Seminary grew up on a pig farm. In one field there were 200 or 300 little pigs running around. Every day at 4:00 a.m. he went out to feed them, and when he walked in they would all scatter except for one little pig that would come up and chew on his shoe. He picked him up and began to pet him, but soon he wanted down.

Rod said, “I’ll let you down when I’m ready.” At that time the little pig let out a squeal and in about two seconds about 30 mama pigs weighing about 600 lbs. each came running. He said, “I put him down and headed for the fence barely making it over before they caught me. They were snorting and daring me to bother one of their kids. The little pig was scared and out of control, but he had resources one squeal away.

If one of God’s creatures is as sensitive to a squeal, how much more sensitive is God to us? Just one squeal away we have resources.

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