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We seem to have an almost infinite capacity for making excuses. In the book, The Sports Hall of Shame, a place kicker for the Dallas Cowboys named Raphael Septian is mentioned. He was a good kicker, but he was an even better master at making excuses when he missed a kick.

For example, when he was kicking against the Houston Oilers one day, he missed four out of five field goal attempts. When asked why, he said, “Well, I was too busy reading the scoreboard.”

Then, when he was in Texas stadium, he missed a kick and the reporters asked him why and he said, “The grass was too tall.”

The problem is, Texas stadium doesn’t have any grass—it’s artificial turf

And then when he missed another field goal, he said, “The thirty second clock distracted me.”

Another time he said, “My helmet was too tight...

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