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Do you know and love the author?

The story was told about a young college woman who read a book that she found to be extremely boring. Reading each page of the book was cumbersome and difficult. Yet, because reading the book was required for her education, she forced herself to move through its pages and finally finish the book.

A few years later, while working in her field of study, she met a young professor and quickly fell head over heels in love with him and became engaged to be married.

One evening, while visiting her home, he saw the “boring and cumbersome” book tucked away, collecting dust on her book shelf.

Pulling the book from the book shelf, he quickly informed her that he had written the book under an assumed name as was requested by the publisher. Later that night, the young lady picked up the book and began reading it. All night long she sat up and now, to her surprise, the book seemed to be the most interesting book she had ever read. It was not dull at all. She found the book fascinating and intriguing.

What made the difference?

That which made the difference was the fact that now; she knew the author and loved him

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