Sermon Illustrations

Several years ago, when I lived in San Antonio, the jr. high kids from our church were on an outing to the local lazar tag facility. When the kids arrived they were told that they were being bumped by a group of VIPs who had come to the facility just before them and so they had to wait an hour for their turn to play. The VIPs were none other than some of members of the San Antonio Spurs basketball team. Our kids looked on, greatly disappointed, as the basketball players had their fun. Then suddenly, one of the Spurs stopped cold as he noticed the kids sadly looking on. He left the game and came out to talk to the kids. The next thing you know these jr. high kids were playing lazar tag against NBA basketball players – how cool is that? These men couldn’t bear to have fun while kids looked on, out of the game. It was a lesson in hospitality that our kids would never forget. These men were world champions, at the top of their game and could expect special treatment wherever they went, but they weren’t so special that they couldn’t set time aside to play a game of lazar tag with kids they didn’t even know. Shouldn’t we be like that? Sure God has chosen us for a great work and made us His special people, but we are never too important to set aside our work or our fun to set aside time for others.