Sermon Illustrations

1. Ray O’Conner - Ultimate Night Fisherman - He loved to fish and he loved to teach others how to fish.

Owned the home we lived in in Aurora Wisconsin when I was a boy.

Ultimate Bullhead Fisherman -

Knew where - Favorite sloughs (off the Menomenie River seprating Wisconsin from Michigan?) ... He never really told us where we were.

Knew How - Pole with a kerosene lantern on the end to draw bugs or fish or both. Bamboo poles with bait fished in the light.

Knew what it took to be successful -

Prepared to stay until they quit biting - Gunnysacks for fish

Prepared to finish when fishing was over -

Wheelbarrow to dump the catch in -

Special vise in his workshop that held a special board he’d made to nail the bullheads to in order to skin them.

Assigned task for each fisherman who went with him.