Sermon Illustrations

*Story of Michael Dell*

In 1983 a young man named Michael Dell graduated from High School. He had a passion for computers and would take them apart and rebuild them. He discovered that he could build them for one forth of the price even adding more memory, bigger monitors, and faster modems, he would be able to sell them cheaper with a handsome profit. His dream was to build and sell computers.

That fall, under a lot of pressure from his parents he enrolled at UT. After his freshman year, he dropped out of school and started Dell Computer Company with $1,000.

Three years later, the company did a private placement offering stock to a small group of investors. At that time, Michael Dell was 22 years Old and Dell Computers had 150 million if annual sales.

Today, Dell Computers is a 57 Billion dollar company, with the leading market Share in the US.

He said, I followed my dream. I learned by doing and by making mistakes, and I go smart people to help