Sermon Illustrations

The world wide web is amazing all that information being passed down phone lines coming down onto our screens from all over the world right into our homes, I don’t really know how it works, its mind boggling, But I know it does work and I enjoy it.

Over the last few months in our house the internet has taken a real battering with a high usage from 7 individuals with 3 wireless computers – we have all been enjoying it, no end, everybody wants to surf the net - uploading - down load – ripping -, burning - googling - zipping – - blogging – pod casting - editing - Emailing - MSN –not to forget club penguining.

But the only way we enjoy all that we do is by the computer not crashing and by being connected to our service provider ( ours is tiscali) and recently we have been receiving some E mails serving as warnings about our heavy usage on the internet and that if we continue we will be disconnected from our provider, unable to surf any longer.

The internet reminds me that life is amazing too yet we so often just take it all for granted, never really understanding what it’s all about because there is so much for us to do, so much for us to enjoy, whoever wants to work it out, it just works.

But over time in our lives, like the internet in our homes, can take a real battering in the situations that are personal to us, I can well imagine some of you here today are really struggling, maybe you’re at the point of crashing like a computer in life.

Like our service provider telling our home to take it easier on the internet sometimes we need to listen to the service provider of life (God) to stop and think about our eternal souls, because if continue to live life without realising we have a soul which is connected to God , we will eventually find ourselves being disconnected from the service provider of life, not only in life but also death.

As Jesus said, “What should it profit a man if he gain the whole world yet lose his own soul. William Shakespeare commended his soul to God can you confidently commend yours and say it well with my soul.

taken from sermon William Shakespeare by Aubrey Vaughan