Sermon Illustrations

When my mother married my dad, she did know not how to cook. My grandmother on my mom’s side left her home in Poland to work in the salt mines of Germany at age 13 because she could not get along with her step mother. She never learned to cook. But my mom became an excellent cook.

When we were first married, Marylu could not cook much. Her mom did not like to cook, so she asked my mom for advice. My mom said, "With all the cook books around today, if you can read, you can cook." Almost 27 years ago, Marylu began reading cookbooks and watching cooking shows on TV. Right now she has a new cook book out from the library. She hasn’t stopped. If you can read, you can cook.

The same is true with witnessing. When was the last time you shared the message of salvation with a friend or relative? Never? More than 5 years ago? The easy way is to read over the 4 Spiritual Laws with them. If you can read, you can witness.