Sermon Illustrations

Our church was meeting in a storefront, but we had outgrown it. We found a church building on the east side of St. Paul for $27,000. We literally had no money. We believed God wanted us to have that building, so we signed a contract to pay cash in 90 days ... and we began to pray. Nothing came in ... nothing at all. About a month before our money was due, I was invited to speak at a "Golden Agers" banquet at the big Baptist church in town. Many of those folks listened to my radio broadcast. It was Saturday - our money was due, in full, on Monday at 5:00 pm. We did not have a dime. As I was introduced at the banquest, the MC asked about our church. I indicated that we had not received the money yet, but believed God would supply.

After the banquet, an elderly gentleman introduced himself and said, "I don’t go to this church, I was just invited to the banquet. I would like to talk to you, could you come over tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon." I agreed.

Sunday afternoon, I went to see this gentleman. He asked about the church situation and I explained it. He said, "10 years ago I bought some annuities at the Moody Bible Institute. Those...

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