Sermon Illustrations

A friend I grew up with, has always been a person who is very – upfront. She has never let an obstacle get in the way of where she was going. Growing up, I was always getting embarrassed by how brash she was. For example, there was a large movie theater in the area that was super popular. It was one of those places that showed about a dozen different movies in several different theaters. Today we find this everywhere, but years ago this place was the only place around that showed more than two movies at once. Well, there was always a crowd at this theater, and on Friday nights, forget it. There always was a long line that wrapped around the building, this of course did not deter Rhonda. We would arrive at the movie theater, park the car, and Rhonda would march right up to the front of the line, past a long line of people, and ask the first person in line what movie they were seeing – it was always something different than what we were planning to see. She would then say, “We are seeing a different movie, can we cut in front of you?” I would cringe, ready for a shocked response from the person in line…but almost every time they would say, “why sure, get in line” and there we were. If they said no, Rhonda, would just ask the next person in line. By the third or fourth person we would be in line and into the theater in no time.

Rhonda always seemed to be short on money, but of course, that didn’t ever stop her. At bridge toll booths, she would ask if she could go across or free, no story, no explanation, just, “Can I go across the bridge free today”, and, what do you know, many times they said, “sure, go right ahead” Parking. Rhonda rarely paid for parking. She would park in a parking place that said reserved, or employees only, and then walk into the business and ask, “Can I park there for a few hours?” – you know the answer. Even out at a restaurant she would leave the table and go ask the manager if she could have coffee, a dessert, or maybe a milkshake for free with her meal, they were happy to comply.

If Rhonda lived in Galilee in the time of Jesus, Rhonda would be one of the four friends who brought the paralytic to Jesus, for she would not let any obstacle deter her.